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Quick question and answer: Will cycling for too long affect health?

A cyclist asked: I just started cycling to and from work recently, 16 kilometers one way, 30+ back and forth, but I have seen many posts saying that men’s cycling time should not be too long and it will be bad for their health. Is it true? What if it should be What about control?

Answer: If you are just starting to commute by bike and you usually do less exercise, it will take a while to ride 16 kilometers. However, the length of riding time does not directly affect physical health. The proper bicycle and correct riding posture are the factors that affect health.

If the size of the bicycle is inappropriate, or if you ride the bicycle in an inappropriate posture for a long time, it will indeed cause some minor physical problems over time. Therefore, before commuting to work, we should find the most suitable bicycle, adjust our riding posture, and check the brakes and other key parts of the vehicle before riding. After the inspection, we can ride with confidence. If you ride for a long time, you can stand up and relax on the pedals under the premise of ensuring safety. A simple stop can be a lot easier. There is also a lot of information on to help you understand. Welcome to search and find.

Tips: Don't forget to wear a helmet and mask when commuting by bike, and follow the traffic rules


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