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How to choose appropriate cycling pants?

If you say, "Wear bike pants just to look professional, pick up a cheap pair..." I don't know how many junior riders think that.
In fact, there's a lot to learn about a pair of pants that look simple. Not only is it uncomfortable, it can affect your health and even your interest in cycling. The biggest difference between riding breeches and other health and beauty pants and leggings is that they have padding. They are ergonomically designed for ride comfort and to protect the pelvis, groin and reproductive organs.
The main functions of riding breeches are shock absorption, diffusion of hip pressure and reduction of perineal pressure.
Reduce the friction of the saddle on the inside of the thigh to protect the skin of the thigh from wear; Help fix muscle groups, relieve muscle soreness and fatigue, absorb moisture and sweat, reduce wind resistance, prevent falls, kill bacteria, etc. Optional cycling pants can be divided into cycling shorts, seven-point cycling pants and cycling pants according to length. For girls, there are bike groups that make culottes.
According to the function, riding clothes can be divided into three parts: riding pants, riding waist pants and riding pants with suspenders. Riding underpants are worn underneath, and can be worn outside along with the usual workout sweatpants, with the rest worn separately.
Cycling trousers at the waist are the most common style of cycling trousers. They are simple and relatively cheap. When choosing the belt, it is better to use the binding rope, which can be adjusted at will, and the sense of binding is not too strong.
It's inconvenient to take them off, but if you don't press the waistband on your belly, you'll breathe more easily, and it'll help you tighten the muscles in your waist and back, storing energy and generating electricity. The watch strap also has the ability to sweat and is the choice of many race car drivers and long-distance riders. The price is about 100 yuan more than the waist trousers of the same grade.
The fabric of cycling pants is usually a blend of nylon and stretch yarns, which have different textures depending on the blend ratio. Trousers are mostly stereo cut. The number of cutting pieces varies from 4, 6 to more than 8 pieces. The more pieces there are, the better the pants fit. However, too much fragmentation can lead to too many seam lines. In general, 8 pieces is the most common style of pants. Trousers were also cut in proportion to the size of men and women.
Good stitches also feature high elasticity, making the pants closer to the skin and easier to slip on and off. When choosing riding pants, you can also perform a tension test on the seams.
The elastic material at the bottom of the pants includes rubber bands and silicone. Rubber bands have a sense of restraint, but they have a price advantage. Silicone feel good, not easy to slide. The disadvantage is that it doesn't breathe very well. The core of the pants pad is high density, high elasticity of silica gel and sponge. Pants pad needs a certain amount of support and elasticity, you can use your hands to repeatedly press and feel when buying. Pants should be the right size, not too tight or too loose.


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