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How To Choose A Yoga Suit?

1. First of all, you need to understand the material of the yoga clothes: the yoga clothes belong to the clothes that are close to the body, and the yoga exercise will leave a lot of sweat during the exercise, so the material of the yoga clothes is very important, and the yoga on the market is noisy. The clothes are generally made of chemical fiber materials. Some of the chemicals are easy to open into the skin when sweating, which affects the health of the body. The good quality yoga clothes are generally made of pure natural fiber, like bamboo fiber and pure. Cotton, which uses bamboo fiber as the material, is not only soft and breathable, but also has strong moisture absorption and strong antibacterial ability. It is the most suitable material for making yoga clothes.

2, then look at the style design of yoga clothes: Compared with other sports, yoga is characterized by a gentle rhythm, but the amplitude is relatively large, so the professional yoga clothes must not be too tight in the overall design, thus ensuring that there are actions Better stretchability, the current more scientific yoga clothes generally adopt the upper and lower loose design, the top is designed to be more fitting, so that it is not easy to be deformed, the sleeve neckline is slightly loose, and it is suitable for natural opening; Loose, casual bloomers are mainly used to ensure that they are not bound when performing any movements, especially when practicing some flexible movements.

3, the final details of the yoga clothing can not be ignored: in addition to the two points mentioned above, there are some small details we must also pay attention to: for example, as the seasonal temperature changes, the choice of tops are also different: the weather is cold When we should choose long-sleeved tops, you can choose a five-point sleeve top when the weather is hot. In addition, it is recommended to choose a light and pure color to match the yoga movement. In addition, each beginner recommends the best. Prepare two sets of yoga clothes that are easy to replace at any time.


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