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Why need cycling wears?

Since cycling has become a fashionable social trend, cycling clothing has become one of the most indispensable equipment in the cycling process. However, the personalized and tidy bicycle cycling clothes team will be a beautiful scenery wherever you go. Therefore, more and more people choose to wear cycling clothes to travel.
First, version.

The model is very critical, the cycling suit is a professional thing. So when choosing cycling clothes, you must choose professional ones. And professional cycling clothing in the version of a considerable amount of research. Very carefully divided. The following is a brief introduction to the version of cycling clothing. Cycling wear is classified according to the type, which can be divided into tight and sports. This tight cycling suit is specially designed for professional cyclists. A tight-fitting cycling suit that fits the body of an athlete. To minimize the resistance of the athletes during the competition. But this kind of cycling clothing costs more. Sport cycling wear. It is designed for the average cyclist. His design philosophy is to maximize the comfort of the ride.

Second, fabric.
If it is a cycling underwear, because it is close to the skin, so the requirements of fabric comfort is very high. In cold winter, polyester fabrics with good insulation, air permeability and thermal insulation are usually chosen. When the weather is hot, we have to choose lightweight fabrics that are sweaty, breathable and easy to wash and dry, such as mesh polyester. The characteristics of cycling clothing fabric are functional, protective, close-fitting and comfortable. The improved polyester fiber not only has high strength, good elasticity, extensibility, abrasion resistance, but also is strong and durable. And the use of capillary action, with good permeability and sweat, can be a lot of sweat quickly out, keep the body surface dry.
Third. Pay attention to the grade of cycling clothes.
It depends on the details, the details can see the quality and grade of the product. What details? Please note the following points:
(1) Workmanship.
The sewing is flat, smooth and smooth, without rough threads, which is a symbol of quality.
(2) Pattern counterpoint.
The characteristic of cycling clothing is that there are many patterns, which puts forward high requirements for the production. The requirements must be in order, natural, neat. General riding clothes at first glance seem to be on, in fact, are very far-fetched, because it is forced to pull on the upper, so unnatural, uncomfortable. To achieve the natural smooth alignment, not only need sewing time, but also need the system and the source of support. Includes: layout counterpoint, cutting counterpoint, sewing counterpoint, ironing counterpoint.
In fact, there are many advantages to cycling with cycling clothes: 

1. Cycling clothes are designed to be tight, so you don't have to worry about clothes and pants rubbing against the bike.
2. The pants of cycling wear are designed with professional silicone seat cushion, which can make cycling more comfortable.
3. All the cycling clothes are designed with professional pockets. Mobile phones, keys and wallets can be put in the pockets without affecting cycling.
4. Custom-made cycling clothing materials can also reduce wind resistance and increase vehicle speed.


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