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How to eat after riding the bike? Three things you need to know about "hunger"

According to the American Sports Association, cycling can burn a lot of calories-a 140-pound person consumes 500 calories per hour-and calories are the body's fuel. In a cyclist's training strategy, replacing these calories is as important as recording mileage. The 2015 to 2020 edition of the "Dietary Guidelines for Americans" states that active men should consume up to 3000 calories per day, while active women should consume up to 2400 calories per day. If you do not eat enough food, you may be familiar with hunger after exercise. If you are often hungry, you need to check your diet and exercise habits.

Is it normal to be hungry after riding?

High-intensity exercise like riding consumes the normal calorie storage in the body, so extra calories are needed to rebuild muscles, keep the bones strong and prevent fatigue. But deciding what is needed does not mean that adding 300 calories to the quota of 2400 or 3000 calories a day should make up for the missing calories.

In general, people, especially athletes, should eat to meet their needs. If your stomach is "cooing", then you need to add food.

Hunger is normal, but hunger does not always mean you need food. Bullock (registered American dietitian) said: "If you have eaten in the past hour or so, it is best to drink some water before eating again." Thirst and hunger are controlled by the same part of the brain, very It is easy to mistake dehydration for fasting.

Some people may not be sure whether their hunger cravings are normal. Generally speaking, every two to four hours is a common hunger rhythm. You can measure your appetite according to this time range. More importantly, pay close attention to your body and learn your own dietary patterns.

Why are you still hungry after eating?

What could be more disappointing nutrition than eating a healthy meal more than an hour and then hungry? Maybe you just don’t get enough calories and your body needs more nutrition.

If you know you are getting enough calories, you may not be getting the right calories. Delicious meals should be full of energy protein (eg chicken breast, herbivorous beef), high-quality carbohydrates (eg quinoa, whole wheat bread, oats, sweet potatoes and bananas), healthy fats (eg avocados, nuts and seeds, olive oil) And salmon), a large number of fruits and vegetables will provide vitamins and minerals.

How can you not always feel hungry?

Alleviating hunger is not about eating more, but about eating smarter. Ensuring that you have protein and fat in your meal can help you feel fuller in your meal and make you feel satisfied longer.

Don't eat snacks blindly. Evaluate what you are missing and ask yourself what else you can add. Do you tend to eat protein and fat, but not carbohydrates? And vice versa? Do you have enough fiber? If not, fill in the gaps from there.

If you feel hungry while exercising, then you need to make sure you replenish energy while exercising. Based on general experience, energy should be provided for a ride lasting more than an hour, and 60 grams of carbohydrate should be consumed every hour. When your body needs energy, provide energy so that you don't replenish excess energy afterwards.

What we need to know more about healthy living is that hunger is not only related to "what you eat", but proper water replenishment, good sleep and stress management are also crucial. So be sure to eat healthily, don’t stay up all night, ride properly to decompress ~ you will have a very strong body!


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