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How much do you know about motorcycle equipment and helmets for long distance riding?

If you want to use two wheels to measure the world, you must first ensure your own safety is the premise. Every motorcycle enthusiast should take safety as the greatest criterion. Because life can't come again, only to ensure the safety of cycling, can you really enjoy the feeling on the road.

Helmets, an essential piece of equipment in our cycling, can effectively mitigate or replace the head injury suffered by the violent impact.

According to statistics, 80% of fatal injuries in motorcycle accidents are related to the brain, so the protection of the head is the most important part of riding safety, and the choice of helmet is crucial.

Motorcycle helmets are divided into: half helmet, three - quarter helmet, full helmet, helmet, and pull helmet. Among them, the helmet is a helmet in the helmet, is on the basis of the helmet, add a can lift the face of the structure, easy to use.
The advantage of half helmet, light, good air permeability, summer wear will not sweat. The disadvantages are that the head protection performance is poor, the windshield performance is also very weak, cycling noise is very large. Scope of application: Urban driving.

The three-quarters helmet covers the ears and face, gives better side protection when you crash, and covers the ears, reducing wind noise. The downside is that you still have a blind spot if you fall upside down, and you don't have enough protection for your face and chin. Scope of application: urban driving, peripheral suburban motorcycle travel.
The advantage of a full helmet is that it protects the entire head, and no matter which Angle it lands from, it reduces the damage to the head.
Moreover, the sealing is good, the wind noise is relatively small when driving, and the aerodynamics of the head is relatively stable. The disadvantage is poor ventilation, summer is very hot, full of sweat. Scope of application: Track driving, long - distance motorcycle travelling.
The helmet is a derivative of the helmet, which combines the safety and tightness of the helmet with the convenience of the half helmet. The mask can be covered up when driving for all-round protection, and the mask can be picked up when cycling in the city to increase breathability, which is convenient for talking and eating. The disadvantage is that the helmet is generally heavier than the same level of full helmets, wearing the neck for a long time easy to acid. Scope of application: urban driving, long distance motorcycle travel.
The tension helmet is a kind of helmet that has been popular in recent years. It has the advantages of wide field of vision, shading effect of brim and better protection of head, especially face. The disadvantage is that it is heavier, and aerodynamic than the full helmet, and the head will feel more wind resistance when driving at high speed. Scope of application: For use with windshield pull cars, it is not recommended to use pull helmets for streetcars and party RACES.


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