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Is exercise effective for muscle soreness? Can it be cured?


So what exactly causes muscle soreness after exercise? Can it be cured? Is exercise only effective if the body is sore? Today, I will give you answers to common questions about sports.

Muscle soreness is a normal physiological phenomenon

People who seldom participate in sports in ordinary times suddenly participate in sports, or interrupt physical exercise for a long time, or exercise for too long or too much intensity, which will cause muscle soreness.

Muscle pain can be divided into immediate pain and delayed pain according to the time it appears. Muscle soreness generally refers to delayed-onset pain, which usually occurs on the second or third day after exercise. This is a normal physiological phenomenon.

During exercise, the muscles need oxygen and energy substances to contract. After high-intensity exercise, the human body will produce a large amount of lactic acid. If it cannot be eliminated in time, it will cause what we call delayed pain.

The occurrence of delayed muscle soreness is related to the following factors:

  (1) It is proportional to age, the older you are, the easier it is to have soreness;

  (2) It is proportional to the training intensity. The greater the intensity, the easier it is to have soreness;

  (3) It is related to the duration of exercise. The longer the duration, the more severe the soreness, but when it reaches a certain critical point, the soreness will no longer increase;

  (4) It is related to whether the exercise method is familiar or not, and whether the muscles used are frequently used, that is, unfamiliar exercise methods and unused muscles are prone to soreness;

  (5) Related to the form of exercise, eccentric exercise is prone to soreness.

If muscle pain occurs suddenly during exercise, it is not a normal physiological phenomenon. It is recommended to seek medical attention immediately.

Muscle soreness can be prevented and cured

As mentioned earlier, the main cause of muscle soreness is lactic acid in the body. Solving lactic acid will solve most of the problems.

The traditional way is to replenish energy, stretch, or even soak in a hot bath, all of which are to quickly metabolize lactic acid in the muscles and stretch the muscles at the same time.

However, now that science and technology are developed, the affected area can also be directly reached by external application of drugs, such as the common sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), with some patented technologies that can quickly enter the muscle tissue and lactic acid, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing muscle soreness.

It is also very important that the training should be gradual, reasonable arrangement of training plan and preparation activities, as well as post-exercise stretching, so as to achieve the exercise goal and enjoy the fun.

Sport is not self-abuse

Some people think that it is only effective if you are tired as a dog, but it is not. For the average person, exercise pain should be a warning, not a result. If there is immediate pain, it means that the muscles may be damaged. Therefore, it is important to grasp the rhythm and do not force it.

Weight does not rise in a day, and muscles cannot be built in a day. I wish everyone a good body!


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