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What Are The Cycling Pads Functions For Bycicle Riders

Cycling pads, also known as "chamois" or "bike pad" or "Fondello" (Italian), "Gamuza" or "Badana" (Spanish), or Peau (French) The main function of the protective liner in the cushion is to protect the rider with repeated contact with the long term. Cycling chamois was developed in the early 20th century, completely made from deerskin, until the 20th century, 80 years, the introduction of industrial fabrics, its performance was enhanced.
The first high-tech thermoformed bike liner dates back to the early 90s of the last century, with gel liners for the first appearance and used in conjunction with pu foam to provide a more comfortable use.
Until 2000, elastic fabric technology was used to produce bicycle pads, so that the cushion can be moved with the body of the rider. The technique forms an elastic contact layer between the body and the cushion of the rider, and it is the area of a few square inches in this area that is subject to vertical weight and pressure. For this reason, the bicycle pad must be able to protect the body from the oppression of the body in contact with the cushion and the abrasion of the inside of the leg, which produces thousands of pedal strokes during a normal exercise This is of the utmost importance.

Bicycle gaskets are the most important part of the whole ride. Its function is:
• Protect the body of the rider, whose weight will give the cushion a vertical pressure to provide maximum protection, especially in the perineum and ischial parts, so that it gives the rider a maximum degree of comfort. Athletes can focus on their pedal movements rather than between discomfort and annoying pain caused by continuous stress from a limited position (such as a bicycle cushion).
l provide protection to avoid abrasion caused by repeated tread pedals. It is easy to calculate the average pedal of 100 times per minute for an average of 18,000 revolutions in three hours. If there is not enough bike cushion protection, continuous abrasions can cause rash and even cause skin to tear.

l By absorbing sweat, keep the skin in the private area dry, prevent skin irritation, and provide a solution for cycling skin care and hygiene (because riding under pants).

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